Our Team

EBR is a small but highly motivated family, consisting of a Board with real estate development, law, research and corporate business experience. EBR is currently under the helm of its Executive Director and passionate founder, Attorney Michelle Thimesch. We also rely on other nonprofits, business partnerships, volunteers and community leaders in the areas where we operate.

EBR operates on philanthropic contributions from organizations and people like you, who are one with us in supporting the very backbone of our country.

Your donations will help us expand our impact to communities throughout California.

Donation options are available from one-time, monthly cash contributions or donating in honor of another individual. Real Estate contributions are also welcome, and your gift entitles you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax.  

Talk to us today. Via email at info@eastbayrevitalization or sign up for our quarterly newsletter and project updates.

Michelle Thimesch
Founder & CEO


Founder Michelle Thimesch is a California licensed attorney with extensive experience in estate & legacy planning as well as business and real estate transactions including development.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”
— Albert Einstein

William Klitz
Board Member

William Klitz is a research biologist and future-focused public affairs activist currently associated with the Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley. He has worked over much of his career enhancing knowledge of how evolution operates on humans themselves. Recent years have seen his interests come to encompass the new field of social epidemiology--the intense ways in which social conditions directly impact so much of human health and well-being.

Susan Buckland
Board Member


Susan Buckland is currently an active board member with East Bay Revitalization as well as on the Personnel Board for the City of Concord, CA.  Her background includes 15 years in the Finance and Accounting fields, and over 9 years as a Sales Trainer and many years with in Toastmaster’s International, including a term as President. She lives in Concord, CA, a mother of 3 adult children and is an active member of the community. She has created a reading program at the Sun Terrace Elementary School and is currently a coordinator for the Lafayette Library and Learning Center.