We provide support and training to would-be entrepreneurs in challenged areas using an innovative small business planning and implementation tool.

All businesses are most vulnerable during startup but those in marginalized areas often lack access to the tools and funding they need to survive until they are up and running. This fact deters even the most resilient small business wannabes who otherwise have what it takes.


How it works

Individuals interested in our business incubation program complete an application during an interview(s) that helps us determine the appropriateness of our program and the commitment level of the business owner.


funding for small businesses

There are many ways to attract all types of investors to fund small business startups. Recent laws have made it even easier for ordinary people (the 99%) to participate in this exciting asset class. Until our Crowdfund Mainstreet Platform goes live, we are handling funding on a case by case basis. We will post more about the Platform as we progress thru regulatory framework and web development but welcome any inquiries.


Unfortunately, many people in marginalized areas who have dreams of business ownership are not actively pursuing them. They are exhausted by their low paying day jobs and cannot begin to imagine how they would ever fund the enterprise. Still, they can't quite let go of the dream. If this describes you, you may be a candidate for our program.

We are looking for candidates in Richmond, CA in and around the Iron Triangle area.